Some of My Favorite Kitchen Tips

by Sharon Anderson, Realtor

Some of My Favorite Kitchen Tips

by Sharon Anderson, Realtor

by Sharon Anderson, Realtor

ice cube trayWine Cubes

Pour a bottle (or the remainder of an open bottle) of wine into an ice cube tray and freeze. This is great for recipes that require wine, and saves you from opening a new bottle when you may only need a couple of ounces. For white wine drinkers, I have discovered when you do not have a chilled bottle handy and want to enjoy a glass of wine, you can add these ice cubes to room temperature wine without watering it down with regular ice cubes. After the wine cubes freeze, throw them in a freezer storage bag. I use this silicone tray because I can make ¼ cup cubes in it.


Avocado Slicing

Egg slicers can be used to slice avocados. Cut avocado in half, remove skin and pit, and slice in your egg slicer. Fan it out over a salad for a great presentation.


Parchment Paper

I discovered parchment paper decades after I discovered my passion for cooking and now I don’t know how I lived without it. I line cookie sheets with it and never have to clean the pan, and the paper also keeps bottom of cookies from burning. I use it to line pans almost anything going in the oven, meatloaf, stuffed chicken breast, a batch of brownies, you name it. When it comes time for cleaning, you will thank yourself.


Soft Cheese Slicing

Regular dental floss (not the minty type!) is great for slicing soft cheeses. To grate soft cheese, stick it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before grating.



I recently needed buttermilk for a recipe and when I went to Ralph’s, I discovered it only comes in ½ gallon cartons. With a quick google search on my smartphone, I learned adding a few drops of lemon juice to regular milk is the perfect substitute.


Invest in a Good Pressure Cooker

You can get rid of your rice cooker that takes up so much space. Besides steaming rice and vegetables, you can braise, brown and even reduce sauces in a pressure cooker. Did you know that you lose about 30% of the vitamins in vegetables boiling them and around 25% of the vitamins steaming them? No more than 5-10% of the vitamins escape in pressure cooking. You can get a 4 ½ quart pressure cooker at Target for around $25.


Keep your Greens Fresh and Crispy

If you’ve already washed lettuce or fresh herbs, you can extend the shelf life of them by lining a storage bag with a paper towel, placing the greens inside and cover with another paper towel and store in your crisper.

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